Artist Production

Full Music Production for Artists to reach and break through industry standards, through originality, creativity, authenticity and quality sound choice & design :

  • Writing, Composition & Production Service

  • Production Service Only


Media Production

Full Music Production service for media industry, aimed at media experts who want to embrace their audience with the type of sound or music that captures their emotions and attention to the desired message, strongly contributing to its attributes whether in Film, TV, Radio or Game.



A vital part of music production, providing a clearer stereo image of what you intend to produce. Blending the elements of your track together and placing them in the best mix form will enable you to reach that sweet spot - every part of the stereo image is fulfilling its purpose. There is no one right way to do this, all in the comfort of your ears.



An essential, and the final, part of the Full Music production process, which includes fine tuning your post mixed track, ensuring getting it to reach industry quality and impact levels.


Sound Editing/Design

The touch of a missing sound, effect or other elements needed to make the animation or motion picture come to life.


Ghost Production

In the event you are seeking the full ownership rights of all writing, composition & production material and the final track upon completion of our service. Complete Confidentiality Granted.